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We perform Professional IT related services, supporting the growth of medium and small scale businesses around the world with emphasis on Nigerian businesses. Our services Include;

Web design - Corporate, Business, Personal
Consultancy - IT Project Management, Disaster Recovery
E-learning aids - Distance Learning Support Services
E - Marketing - Bulk sms, online marketing campaigns
Remote Support - Virtual IT desktop support
Online Test Services - Schools, Businesses, Civil Service
E-Publishing Services - Ebook design and publishing services
Systems Security Reviews - Onsite and cloud computing
Online IT Business Profitability - Training Services
Remote IT Business Management - Monitoring Services

When you contact us requesting any of our services, you should expect the following:

* A prompt, considerate reply to your request
* A reasonable estimate of the time to resolve it
* A rapid response to resolve your request
* Quality and professional service emanating from our years of experience
* Excellent communication before, during and after resolving your request --------promoting brands nationwide

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Perfectronics Media Concepts
Block 3 Graceland Estate
Satellite Town
Lagos - Nigeria

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